Studley Wood Seniors

Seniors Section Welcome Pack


Studley Wood has a thriving men’s seniors’ section which is open to anyone over the age of 55 years. All internal and external competitions and matches are played mid-week. We organise 2 roll-ups every week plus summer friendly games and winter interclub matches in the competitive M4 league. We welcome any male Studley members (5 day or 7 day) who have reached the qualifying age or new club members who are already seniors.

If you want to join us please let Alan or Ken or any club staff know and our current captain will be in touch. Or simply email the current Seniors Captain on

More information is given below and even more information can be found on our dedicated website.

Studley Wood Seniors


Every Tuesday and Thursday morning the seniors’ committee organise a roll-up. Tees are reserved for seniors between 8am and 10am on these days. We have 10 ‘silverware’ competitions across the year (a mix of medals and stablefords). There is also a singles and pairs summer KO competition. Non-silverware roll-ups are a mixture of individual and team games (Alliances, Waltzes, Bonus ball etc.). We aim to have an equal mix of singles and team games each month. Where conditions permit all singles are qualifiers for WHS purposes. You can see the current range of games in the playing schedule section on the website

Booking in for roll-ups is via email so tees are allocated well in advance of the BRS 8-day deadline. Entry fee is £1 plus £1 in optional 2’s sweep increasing to £2 for silverware competitions and the quarterly challenge medal.

Interclub matches

The Seniors section has an enviable list of local interclub summer friendlies against clubs like The Oxfordshire, Frilford Heath, Tadmarten and Burford to name a few. We play 11 different clubs, home and away, so plenty of scope for new seniors to get a game in. Each match is 6 pairs, better ball match play (12 Studley players needed).

We also have a team in the M4 league – a competitive winter competition against clubs in the Thames Valley area. This is a 4 pairs better ball match play format (8 Studley players needed).

Club competitions

In addition to various memorial cups and plates have individual and pairs knockout plus a singles winter league. When a roll-up is for silverware we flag this well in advance. The entry fee is increased to £2 for these competitions (plus each of 4 quarterly challenge medals) so the prize pot is a little bigger. Plus, winners of these competitions automatically qualify for the annual Champion of Champions.

Tours and away days

The seniors’ section organises 2 away days (summer) and 2 golf tours (spring and autumn) each year. For a taster of the tour – typically 2 nights, 3 rounds – see the tours section and report on the website. Recently we have been to Kent, Bristol and Yorkshire and played some excellent ‘top 100’ courses such as Burnham and Berrow and Lindrick. Away days are more local and we aim to play courses which are not on our friendlies list.

Updated 17/12/2023