Winter Rules

Winter Rules.

Once the club deem us to be playing under “Winter Rules” you may take the following actions on the Fairway or Closely Mown Area. You may mark, clean and replace your ball within 6″ of its original position NOT nearer the hole. No penalty is incurred. Failure to mark the ball incurs a one shot penalty.This rule only applies to “closely mown areas” i.e. fairways and any areas where the grass is cut to fairway height, including paths through the rough. It does not include the rough, the putting green or any hazards etc. However, note that on par 3 holes although there is no fairway you are permitted to pick and place on the apron of the green; that is the band of first cut grass surrounding the green.

Rough Areas:

On all rough areas you just play the ball as it lies unless it is deemed to be plugged

Plugged Balls:

A ball is deemed to be plugged if it is embedded in its own pitch mark. If your ball is plugged you can mark, clean and drop it as close as possible to its original position, no nearer the hole.This can be done anywhere that is “through the green”, that is “the whole area of the course except all hazards and the tee ground and green of the hole being played”.

You must ensure that your ball is really plugged and does not just had a bit of mud on it, or is covered in grass but not embedded in the mud…. If in doubt consult your playing partners.

Water in the Bunkers:

If you ball lands in a bunker and rolls into the water, or your stance is affected by water you can pick, clean and drop the ball on a dry area with no penalty incurred. However please note the drop zone must be still in the hazard and not nearer the hole and must be the nearest point of relief. If the bunker is full of water and you cannot drop inside the hazard then you must drop outside the bunker, at the nearest point of relief but this drop incurs a one penalty shot.

Repairing Pitch Marks:

We all know that we can repair a pitch mark at any time on the green, but what about on the fairway or the fringes?. You are not allowed to repair a pitch mark in these areas before you play your ball as this is deemed to be “improving your lie” Lets say you ball pitches inches off the green, gets backspin, and comes to rest in the fringe. And you have a great big pitch mark in front of you on the fringe….Tough, you cannot repair it till after you have taken your shot.I hope all this makes sense to you. Please adhere to the rules of golf, it is very important that you do so. If you have any queries please ask the Committee, Matt in the office or any of the teaching professionals for advice and a ruling